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We aim to deliver the best customer experience possible, but before contacting us it might be worth to have a look in our HELP section before getting in touch.

Will the price of my bundle increase?
No. The short answer is no, we will not increase you bundle price as other operators do on a yearly basis.
What network does One Beyond use?
One Beyond is using EE’s 4G network, which is the fastest and most covering network (98%) in the UK. 4G is included on all of our bundles.
Can I use my phone to call abroad/roam?
Yes, you can use your phone to make international calls or take your phone on holiday abroad. Please click this link for details.
How do I pay my monthly bundle? Do you do Credit checks?
Up to you. You can either pay via Direct Debit or Card Transaction. Your bundle is prepaid and will be charged at the end or beginning of every month. It is paid this way so that we can avoid credit checks. For details please click this link..

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions, and a form to contact us should your question not be displayed here.

About One Beyond

What is One Beyond? One Beyond is a UK mobile provider piggybacking off EE’s network. All of our staff are UK based and we aim to become the most customer centric mobile provider on the market.
Which bundle is right for me? This really depends on your usage. Our best selling bundle is the “Medium” as it provides a safety net for any user. However please remember that whichever bundle you choose, you are not tied to it and are free to upgrade or downgrade the following month.
How do I achieve a free months use of my bundle? We are committed to rewarding our customers, especially if you are so kind as to refer us to your friends and family. Therefore, we’ll give you one month of your bundle on us if you refer two friends that sign up with a One Beyond bundle.
All your referral has to is type in your One Beyond phone number at the time of ordering, and we will take care of the rest. This promotion can be repeated as up to 12 times in one year, essentially giving you the opportunity to not pay for your mobile contract all year.
The small bit: To qualify for a bundle free of charge for one month, the two bundles referred must be the Medium bundle OR the average value of the two bundles referred must not be less than the value of your own bundle, whichever is applicable. This means that if you are on a £25 monthly bundle. This promotion can be repeated as up to 12 times in one year.
Where and how do I sign up for a sim card? You can order this from our front page on
Can I keep my number? Yes! And we’ll even take care of it for you. Please see here for details
What are the requirements to sign up? To be a customer with One Beyond you must be a UK resident, and have a credit- or debit card from one of a major card providers.
Do I have to be 18 or over? Unlike other providers, we do not require customers to be over 18 years old. This is because we bill your bundle at the beginning of every month, and all out-of-bundle usage (like international calling) on an on-going basis. This also means you are in control of how much you spend.
Do you perform credit checks?
What are your terms and conditions?
We do not perform credit checks, because we charge our bundle on a hybrid model. This allows us to provide a better service for our customers whilst providing cost control. See here for our full terms and conditions
Will my sim function straight away or can I set a specific start date? Your sim will be active the moment you insert it into your mobile and it will have a new number on it when you receive it. If you’ve requested to keep your number then this will be active 48 hours after providing us with your PAC code.
What is your returns policy? We have a 14 days ‘cooling off’ period. However, the moment you start using your allowance you agree to forfeit the remainder of the cooling off period due to the fact that used allowance cannot be returned as you can with normal goods. Your cooling off period starts the moment you receive the order confirmation, which usually arrives within a few moments of ordering.
Can I fix or change my contact details or email address? How? You can change most of your emails in the self-service portal (Which is being built and trialled as you read this). Alternatively you can email us at with the changes.
Will One Beyond get online self-service, usage monitoring etc.? You may have noticed a tiny login icon at the top corner of our website. This is where you will be logging into your self-service area to monitor usage, view your latest bill and more.
How can I become a One Beyond mobile advocate? One Beyond was created out of frustration with the status quo and a belief that the customer experience and product offering should be better than what it currently is. We’re a small team and growing, and we would love your help to do it. The best you can do, which we’ll also reward you for, is to advocate friends and family to sign up for one of our bundles. And when you do we’ll give you a months bundle for free! It’s a win win situation. Additionally, you can find most of the questions you have answered here in our FAQ section instead of calling us, however if you do have any questions or need help you’re always welcome to contact us.
How do I call One Beyond customer service? Luckily, SIMs and monthly contracts are not rocket science, and this helps our aim to provide the best customer experience. At the moment we do not offer any inbound calls services to customer care, as most of what you need can be done immediately on the self-service portal, such as blocking your SIM if your phone gets stolen. If you do have any questions please email us using the online form, and we will get in touch within 24 hours (typically).

Payment & Charges

Question Answer
You’ve taken £10 above the contract allowance, why? Don’t worry, the extra £10 are still yours and will be displayed in your e-wallet, and are for out-of-bundle usage. Should you decide to leave us or cancel your contract the remaining balance will be transferred back to your account.
How are the following months charged? You will be billed monthly from the date that you sign up on, however please be advised that if you sign up between the 28th-31st you monthly renewal date will be the 28th of every month.
What credit and Debit cards can I pay with? You can pay with all major credit- and debit cards, and we will withdraw the price of your monthly bundle on-going, at the end of every month, which covers the bundle for the following most.
How do I change the payment method?
My payment has failed, what should I do and will I be charged? When you make a payment online or over the phone you'll be advised straight away if your payment has been successful.
If your payment is declined, we recommend you check the details you entered and try again. Also, check that your debit card has not expired or been replaced. If you are making a payment online and you have previously saved your card details, please check that your card has not expired or been replaced before you select it to make a payment. Alternative you may try another card.
Please note that payments are authorised straight away with your debit card issuer. This means you need to have cleared funds in your bank account when you're making the payment online.
I have cancelled my contract, but I still have money in my account. Anything above £5 will be transferred back into an account designated by you, anything below will not due to admin charges. Admin charges and transfer costs for this will be £5.
Will there be a spending cap on my bundle? There will not be a spending cap on your out-of-bundle charges. When your e-wallet is empty we will withdraw an additional £10 to top it up with and automatically notify you.
Your bundle allowance is subject to our fair usage policy (Essentially, this means that we do not allow abuse, such as having a line open to the same number 24/7).
Where can I monitor my usage? Our self-service portal is currently being built, and you can monitor your usage for the current month on there.


Question Answer
How much does it cost to make calls? Calls inclusive in your allowance will not be charged at any additional rate. If you go above your allowance calls will be charged at £8p/MIN.
Calls to international- and premium rate numbers, and calls outside of your allowance will be charged at the applicable rate.
See here for more details .
How much does it cost to send a text? A text will cost £5p/text. However since the majority of our bundles have unlimited texts inclusive this will not be applicable within our Terms and Conditions. See here for more details
How much does it cost to use data? If you go beyond your data allowance we will charge £5p/MB
What is your international call pricing? See here for more details .
What does it cost to use my phone whilst abroad? See here for more details . We advise that you top-up your e-wallet prior to travelling abroad to avoid having your handset blocked.
I may have a problem paying my bill, what should I do? If you’re having trouble paying your bill, or think you might not be able to make this month's payment, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We appreciate that your circumstances can change at any given moment, whether it’s financial difficulties or problems with your health, which is why we'll support you and discuss alternative ways for you to pay any outstanding bills. Our Friendly Help Team will inquire a little bit about you and your situation to try and find a way to manage your bill in an affordable way, giving you one less thing to worry about. Please remember that first and foremost we are here to help and the best thing you can do if your circumstances contact us as soon as you can.