Want to keep your number when switching? | One Beyond

Keeping your number when switching to One Beyond

How to keep your number and transfer it to the One Beyond

Zero downtime!
Switching is a hassle free process. All we need is your PAC Code (Porting Authorisation Code), which you can get by calling your current network and we will take care of everything else. When your SIM arrives it will have a temporary number on it, which you’re free to use until your number is moved on to our Network, at which point the temporary number will be replaced by your own number.

How to get your PAC code
Before we can switch your number over, we need your PAC code. You can get this by calling your current provider and requested it, and you should receive this almost immediately. Let us know your PAC when you place your order, or by submitting it here. Alternatively, you can email us your PAC code along with your current operator and the mobile number you’d like to keep and your Customer ID/Email us from the email you used to sign up with. This email should be sent to PAC@OneBeyond.co.uk.

Getting started
After your PAC code is submitted you will get a notification via text message from your old operator, and the number will take up to 24 hours (excluding bank holidays) to be fully active with One Beyond. We advise you to not cancel your contract with your current operator, as this will automatically happen once you have moved on to our Network.